wedding packages

Your wedding ceremony is both special and crucial, anything less than perfection could ruin months of planning. Our packages include a wide variety of features to help you find the best way to relive your joyous day for years to come.


always matters

  • The Creative
    • Includes everything in "The Documentary"
    • 50 video stills printed on 5x7 photo paper, plus custom photo album of the wedding
    • 50 DVD's
    • Personnel on hand will include 3 Cinematographers, 2 Camera assistants
    • $1,500 to book this package
  • The Motion Picture & Stream
    • Includes everything in "The Creative"
    • Ceremony location must have high speed internet service or area AT&T cellular 4G service
    • Most footage will be filmed in 4K and 2.5K raw
    • Some elements filmed with high speed cameras for clean slow-mo
    • Digital file will be cinematic letterbox WQHD format and 50 BluRay's
    • Live multicam HD stream of the ceremony
    • Pick the music for your feature from our library or purchase music from our music vendors
    • 10 aerial articulations, coverage of the bridal and groom photo shoot
    • Interviews recorded in studio
    • Up to 6 locations Included
    • Personnel on hand will include 3 cinematographers, 3 camera assistants, 1 live director, 1 live graphic engineer, 1 live audio engineer
    • $2,400 to book this package
  • The Documentary
    • HD long film format 18 to 20 minutes
    • Raw files and 50 video production stills 1920 x 1080
    • 8 wedding day interviews at venue
    • One location included
    • Personnel on hand will include 3 cinematographers, one is a woman for the bride
    • $1,000 to book this package

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