tod stinson

founder of pilot reel media

Our lead creative and DP was personally trained by legendary document film director Larry Hott of Florentine Films, and Hollywood DP Jamie Anderson.

Our crew of 3 cinematographers have experience with everything from Wedding Films to Motor Sport Documentaries and have collaborated with west coast studios on major corporate promotional films.

Ron Presley

Voice / Writing / Sketch Artist

Professor of Agriculture at South Plain College. Graduate of South Plains College and Texas Tech University. He blends his unique, creative style through painting, poetry and speaking. A native of West Texas, an agriculturalist, rural advocate. He is a dedicated volunteer and stays involved in the agricultural industry through his family’s farm and agricultural politics.

Tony Maples


With a keen eye for photography and a love of video, Tony spends his free time hiking while taking scenic photos to keep his camera skills in top form even when completely exhausted. Perfectionist is a phrase usually associated with stubborn individuals who aren’t satisfied unless they take the reigns and put everything into place in their own way, normally that would be a negative but with Tony it’s come in handy more times that I could count.

Riley Rohr

remote crew supervisor

Wireless remote crew supervisor Riley was the stand out of us all managing talent, equipment, lighting, and shot compositions. Doesn’t look like she’s trying hard at all does it.

Austin Carlson

Sound & Lighting

2nd year Student of Commercial Music at South Plains College, Austin has helped me on several projects including the “Crazy Weather” music video. He also works as a camera operator at Southcrest Baptist Church. If its a tough gig, I call this guy.

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