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Wedding Packages:

2017 Packages and prices.

  • The Documentary - s $1,875 and is a HD long film format 18 to 20 minutes . You get to keep the raw files and 50 video production stills 1920 x 1080. 8 wedding day interviews at venue. One location included. Personnel on hand will include 3 cinematographers, one is a woman for bride prep. ($1,000 to book this package)
  • The Creative- is $2,895 and includes everything in "The Documentary" and also includes a creative intro and first looks, cinematic bride & groom prep. Slider articulation & Ronin Stabilizer used for the smoothest articulations of the reception venue and chapel. 50 video stills printed on 5x7 photo paper and delivered in a custom photo album of the wedding. One 6 minute teaser, one HD long film 18 to 20 minutes, 50 DVD's.. Three locations included. Personnel on hand will include 3 Cinematographers, 2 Camera assistants. ($1,500 to book this package)
  • The Motion Picture & Stream - is $4,700 includes everything in "The Creative" and most footage will be filmed in 4 and 2.5K raw with some elements filmed with high speed cameras for clean slow-mo. this does greatly extend the post production time but gives our editors the greatest creative options in post. Output format of digital file will be cinematic letterbox WQHD format and 50 BluRay's. Live multicam HD stream of the ceremony. You will get to hand pick the music for your feature from our library or purchase music from our music vendors. Capture of the writing of the vows & studio recording of the reading of the vows. 10 aerial articulations, coverage of the bridal and groom photo shoot. Growing up slide show intro "Path to Here". Interviews recorded in studio. You will have input on overall color grade style. We will attempt to professionally light every location and additional personnel will be on hand to assist the cinematographers capture each shot in the most cinematic style possible, "Creative flares back lighting". Up to 6 locations Included. Personnel on hand will include 3 cinematographers, 3 camera assistants, 1 live director, 1 live graphic engineer, 1 live audio engineer. This package also provides a single edited screening to make sure all the clients requests have been met. ($2,400 to book this package.) Ceremony location must have high speed internet service or area AT&T cellular 4G service.

Optional and Additional Services.

  • Optional single locked of wide angle of the ceremony with room microphone HD streamed $500.
  • Reception only coverage $800 for 4 hours and $250 hourly after. (editing is not included) Customer will receive raw files. 4 camera perspectives and 2 audio feeds.
  • Ceremony only coverage $800 for up to 2 hours coverage of the ceremony only. (editing is not included) Customer will receive raw files. 3 camera perspectives and 4 audio feeds.
  • Additional location shoots- $500 and include 5 hours set-up and film time. 1 Cinematographer and 1 assistant. Split venues are $500 additional if your package does not include more than one venue.
  • Travel outside the city of Lubbock is $1.10 a mile one way.
  • Crew layover $250 the night before.
  • All weddings are contracted and must be booked 60 days in advance of the event.
  • Booking due at contract signing, balance due 10 days after wedding. Edit complete in 30 to 45 days. Teaser if applicable completed in 15 days.

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