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Meet The Talent:

Ron Presley - (Voice / Writing / Sketch Artist)

Professor of Agriculture at South Plain College. Graduate of South Plains College and Texas Tech University. He blends his unique, creative style through painting, poetry and speaking. A native of West Texas, an agriculturalist, rural advocate. He is a dedicated volunteer and stays involved in the agricultural industry through his family's farm and agricultural politics.

Stephanie Perez -(2nd Shooter / Sales)

She is a graduate of Estacado High School and earned an Advanced Video Production Technology Degree at South Plains College. Stephanie, is a returning resident of Lubbock since 89' and mother of 3 and works full time at Ramar, a Fox 34 affiliate, as a director, camera operator, lighting, sound and control room tech. As a fellow traveler and non traditional student of SPC, she impressed me as a creative who's skill transcended the basic technological understanding of visual story telling, into the artistry of visually stimulating capture. I don't do weddings without her.

Austin Carlson -(Sound & Lighting)

2nd year Student of Commercial Music at South Plains College, Austin has helped me on several projects including the "Crazy Weather" music video. He also works as a camera operator at Southcrest Baptist Church. If its a tough gig, I call this guy.

Wade McNutt -(Musical Compositions & Vocal Artist)

Wade was a born musician, teacher and entrepreneur. As an instructor in commercial music at South Plains College for eight years he had the joy of preparing students to head to Nashville and other music cities to pursue their musical career. Before instructing at college, Wade took part in the Austin music scene growing his own PianoChops. For the past 14 years he has aided worship at Church and continues to give Glory to God with his musical talent. He has released three volumes of Christian Piano Meditation and every day he is blessed to earn a living through his passion. Wade's romantic piano ballads are just the thing to make a wedding video unique and special, and we are very fortunate to have his help with promotional projects needing a custom jingle or musical scores.

Rian Castillo – (Musical Compositions)

Hails from Elgin, TX. and is an accomplished guitarist, piano player, vocalist and song writer. Musical influences of Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison and Johnny Bush have sculpted this remarkable talent into a a presence that can both carry the crowd or support the group. A commercial music major at South Plain College Rian won the 2015 Entertainer of the Year award, and in 2016 won the Male Vocalist Country/Swing and Song Writer of the Year. Rian and I collaborated on his music video “Crazy Weather” as a student project in 2015 which was a great first time experience for both of us. Rian will be contributing romantic guitar and piano solos to the local artist library for wedding compositions. His plan is to move to Nashville after his final semester, but for a limited time will be available to play wedding venues as a solo artist or with his band.

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