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Live Production

We know that what you are trying to communicate has to be delivered without interruption to your audience, and we have the mobile bandwidth assets to deliver!

Our mobile live studio can be run from within your location or the mobile control room can be parked outside your venue if space is limited and it would create traffic issues. The system can be deployed in custom scale so you only pay for what you need. From a single camera perspective, microphone patch with intro and outro graphics, to 4 camera perspective switched with 8 recorded audio feeds live mixed, live HD graphics and HD video playback. Our live production system can provide coverage for venues as big as football fields and large concert halls.

From your next small corporate presentation to a live out door concert, we have the equipment and staff to make it happen.

* Pilot Reel Media supports some charity's and events - Contact us with your organization and event details.

Football Graphics Build

*Rules require High School games stream delayed or edited for next day broadcast.

Any sports program would benefit from this level of professional coverage. We have graphic builds for all sports and these builds can be played back in real time HD for live streams.

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